Falling off the Wagon…and Getting Back On

by mybiggestphan

Yup, it happened again. My streak has ended in my part of waking up to my alarm clock at 5 AM in the morning has ended. I was doing so well before the Christmas break, waking up consistently every single day but now I seem to not be able to continue the streak. But, what life has taught me is that if you fall off this wagon, you do your best to get back on again.

I read a lot from the website zenhabits.net; it has provided me with so much motivation and inspiration but no matter how motivating a piece can be, it is ultimately up to the individual to pursue their goal and accomplish what they have set in their minds. It’s funny because there are so many days where I visualize in my head what I want to get done and I know the hard work that it requires but then I fall down and get lazy.

This blog for example; it may cease to exist in a couple of days, couple of weeks, or couple of months, because I decided it was too much of an effort to maintain.  But I hope that I get back on the blog writing wagon, if I do fall off, and I hope by the time I do fall off, I have  readers who care enough to really arouse me and get me back to writing.