Pain and Spasms Galore! Down…but not Out

by mybiggestphan


I don’t recall being in this amount of pain in a long time. To be quite honest, getting my wisdom teeth out and the aftermath without any painkillers was more tolerable than the pain I am currently experience right now. It is 5:20 PM and I am typing this entry from my bed.

Last week at work, I started feeling a slight tension in my back as I walked to work. I didn’t think anything of it until yesterday, when I played Dodgeball, and seemingly pulled something. And now accompanied with my back pain are muscle spasms that release intense pain into my back. It’s hard to walk and I can feel my back stiffen up every so often as I attempt to do so.

I had to rely on my roommates and my friends to get me around initially but I think it has gotten better. Everyone told me the same thing in terms of remedies; to ice and to apply heat, which I’ve done. They also told me to take ibuprofen which I have yet to do, seeing as though the only bottle we have in our cupboard just happened to be expired…womp womp. Generally I don’t take OTC medicine as much as possible, and try to battle it out on my own but because my ability to work depends on me getting better, I feel like I have to give in.

Oh well…