Meditation – A Daily Practice

by mybiggestphan

If there is one habit that I want to continue doing on a daily basis it has to be meditating every single day.

In life and in the New Years, we make so many resolutions that we do not truly care about or can not continue on a normal basis. That is usually the problem with me when the clock strikes midnight. I can’t keep my resolutions!

However one of my New Years resolution this year is to ease my stress level and to do whatever I can to calm myself down in any situation I am put in. A lot of people and self-help blogs that I have talked to and read encourage the daily practice of meditating. It’s funny because being a Buddhist, it is something that we normally are suppose to do or are encouraged constantly but I never really looked into it. So I started it and honestly, it is great!

I can usually only last 15 minutes and I have to listen to a meditation app on my phone while doing so. I just find it so difficult to think about “nothing.” A large part of my distraction ends up being focusing on the rest of my day and what I plan to do or how much time is left is on the meditation clock music. It’s so bad also because I replay the same playlist all the time so I know exactly how close I am to being done with meditating for the time.

There are some days where my meditating goes really well and I am left feeling fresh and free where other days I just don’t see the effects of it. Some days I question whether it is a useful practice.

So I ask my readers, if there are any, how do you meditate? Do you? Are there tips and practices that I can follow to make my meditating more effective?