My Daily Routine

by mybiggestphan

Date: 8/28/13
Personal Prompt: What is my ideal morning routine/daily routine?

Answer: I’ve been making an effort a lot these past few years to develop a solid morning routine but unfortunately, after a couple of months of being on this routine, I fail. I don’t mind failing at all. I just do my best to pick myself right back up and try to work toward my goals. I’ve fallen off the wagon again but here’s hoping I can do the following:

*Wake up at 5AM every morning. I’ve been waking up at different times of the morning lately. It’s been off and on but it’s usually around 6:30 AM that I am awake. I feel like I need a little bit more time in my mornings to get things done.
*Meditate – I definitely want to meditate a lot more than I have been. Before, I used to be able to go for 15 minutes meditating. Nowadays it’s only 5 minutes but you know what, slowly but surely, right?!
*Exercise – This includes a combination of strength training and prepping for half marathon. Trying to build my six pack as well as gain that endurance.
*Reading – Would
So here is my schedule that I would like:

5:00 AM – Wake up from bed. Fold my blanket and make my bed. Drink a cup full of water. Get up and do a couple of light stretches. Go and wash my face.
MEDITATING – 5:15 AM – Meditate for 15 minutes. Clear my mind and get it ready for the day’s start.
5:30 AM – Make a cup of green tea/light breakfast. Compile my To-Do List for the day on my computer. Check e-mails/look at my budget.
READING – 5:40 AM – Read for 20 minutes while eating a light breakfast. (READING if time permits)
WRITING – 6:00 AM – Write 500-1000 words on anything or for about 30 minutes.
6:30 AM – Pack up my things and go to the gym at work.
YOGA/RUNNING – 7:00 AM – Arrive at work and either take a studio class and/or go for a jog in the Culver City neighborhood/yoga
CORE STRENGTH – 8:00 AM – Do strength/core workout for 45 minutes
8:45 AM – Breakfast
10:30 AM – Snack #1
12:30 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Snack #2
4:00 PM – Snack #3
7:00 PM – Dinner (Prepare next day’s lunch)
8:30 PM – Organize clothes for next day of work/gym clothes
READING – 10:00 PM – 30 minutes of reading
10:30 PM – Bed

Let’s try this again.