Random Blurb – 3 minutes of Nonsense

by mybiggestphan

For 3 minutes, I will be typing down everything that comes to my head, thoughts; ideas; current feeling. I will leave typos in place and won’t backspace at all. It’ll be a jumbled mess but I’m intrigued as to what I come up with. I have several strategies coming in such as being patient with my keystrokes and taking my time to write to minimize the amount of errors…but let’s see, here we go in 3..2..1….—


Today is a Friday. Happy Friday galore! I a m so proud of myself for not going to Yogurtland today. There was a pleas lot of pressure from my co-workers about giving mysel f a treat but I resisted! I have been on this 60 day habit routine that I want to continue for the duration of my life. It involves careful planning of my meals and working out nearly all the days in the morning. Gosh, that did not make sense. I also communicated with my bestie this mroning, whi, who lives in New York aviy about an upcoming script idea that I’ve been trying to develop for so many years. I never really f put a lot of focus into it but now that I h am a at a job that gives me some time to work on it, I’ll take the advantage when I can. I don’t und honestly know what sparked my interest in doing this challenge but a I am slightly embarassed by the composition of this post. My friend, who had just communicated with pr, me about 2 minutes before I started to write, is going to read this and I’m going to be embarassed AHHHHHH.


Reflection: Wow; I can’t believe how nervewrecking it is to write till your heart’s content and not worry about typos. My fingers kept slipping and when I tried to patiently type, I lose focus on what I want to say. Does this say a lot about me if I’m so anal about fixing every error I make as I type. It’s really interesting to be so aware of what you are doing and wanting to fix it. I want to be free and just let go! I guess that’s something I need to work on.
Cheers friends. Enjoy my gibberish.