Daily Prompt – Celebrate and Be Grateful

by mybiggestphan


Date: 9/26/13
Prompt: You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Answer: First, I take the moment for myself. I breathe a sigh of relief for the good fortune and then I smile and soak it in after hearing. For me, I tell myself that I don’t like to brag but I really do like people knowing when I’m very happy. I find myself as someone who can’t keep news to themselves and thus always willing to spread it around. I will tell certain close friends and family the news depending on what it is. If it has to involve with my career, I pick up the phone and let my parents know. If my roommates and friends are in the vicinity, I express to them the reasons for my happiness.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about gratitude. After a long day of work and stressful activities, you have to embrace the fact that you are alive and healthy in this world of ours. Receiving good news is always encouraging but I try to remember about everyone else who may not be as fortunate as I am. I think it helps to be alert of how you may carry yourself after you receive good news because you do not want to run the risk of showing off or being insincere. I do my best to always be conscientious of the people around me and think of their well-being, so that’s why sometimes celebrations can be tough.

But nonetheless, if you receive awesome news, by all means be excited about it! I encourage anyone who win the lottery to jump up and down and let the neighbors hear your ecstasy. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you can calm yourself down and reflect back on how incredibly fortunate you are at that very moment.