Focus Issues

by mybiggestphan

Does anyone here ever feel like they are taking on so many tasks and projects at once? I’m in the midst of feeling this way, especially considering how busy I am lately and how my focus is all over the place. Keeping myself occupied has always been something I wanted to do constantly because if there is downtime, I get this sense that I am not doing enough with my life. It’s been a way of thinking for me for many years now and I think it may have caught up to me, not because I feel tired, but because I don’t know which route or path I should really follow. My roommate recently pointed out to me that I am doing a lot for the average person.

To begin, my life is as such. I currently work about 50 hours a week on a TV show, doing a job that isn’t necessarily difficult but rather tedious and one needs to be meticulous doing it. It’s not a position that I want to ultimately want to end up doing and is rather a job for monetary purposes and to build my network in the creative entertainment industry. However the reason I like this job so much because there is a lot of downtime that allows me the flexibility of taking on other side hobbies that I am interested in and this is where I feel like I’m taking too much on.

Besides working, I am re-learning algebra as a hope to become a tutor in a part time job environment. This coincides with my desire to be an elementary teacher and think it would be worthwhile to get my credential as a middle/high school math teacher as well and it requires me to re-learn math. So I’ve been going on and just working on math problems consistently. In addition to math, I am learning about photography to help fuel my creative side. I’m learning about the technical aspects of my camera as well as the various terminology that makes good photographers great. It is my dream to perhaps open up a production company one day where I can create viral and funny videos for audiences and/or set up a photography studio for fun. These two things I am trying to learn are helping me career-wise and I think it is valuable that I am focused on these two studies.

However, aside from that, I have personal goals such as making sure I work out on a regular basis, which prompted me to train for my first half-marathon in a couple of days. This alongside with my other recreational activities such as dodgeball and ultimate frisbee that I play on a normal basis in the week. In addition I volunteer with Coach Art and Reading to Kids, where I am immersing myself in a child-like environment. I participate in Reading to Kids once every month while I train a young girl how to run a mile every Saturday afternoon. I think these last two volunteer experiences are crucial because it allows me to give back to our society, which is something I feel I lack in my current field.

For the most part this is all I have on my plate currently but I just personally feel like I’m not attacking all of my interests at all. I still want to learn how to dance, be a better public speaker, learn how to play the guitar, participate in improvisation and perhaps even be in front of the big screen one day as an actor. These are all things that really does spark my interest but I don’t know how to balance everything out so I get to dabble in everything. I don’t know what my priorities truly should be. Should it be the  hobbies that get me further in my career or the ones that make me the most happy, where there is a lesser chance of making it work financially.

GAH. Focus issues.