Daily Prompt – Acknowledging My Faults

by mybiggestphan

Date: 12/18/13
Prompt: What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.



I like to think that I am a very down-to earth person who can handle most people and their faults. It takes a lot for people to anger me and get me frustrated with being around them. I have learned over the years to not stay around people who have negative qualities that I wouldn’t want myself to be associated with and be reflected back onto me. There are several qualities that irks me but perhaps my least favorite personal quality are those associates who are selfish and vengeful.

It alarms me when I am around people who will do things out of spite and hate. For me, I consider everyone as equal, regardless if you are the President of the United States, Beyonce, or just a homeless citizen in the streets. I believe everyone should be treated with dignity and not be judged for  the life they are living. I have heard of stories of people who will be out to get another co-worker, person, out of jealousy and anger. They would do malicious things that could hurt, destroy, and cause chaos in another person’s life because that’s the person they are. It’s something I can’t stand and it doesn’t make sense to me how anyone would compel themselves to treat another in such fashion. I think we need to be able to respect each and everyone on this Earth as one huge community of equals and no one is truly above anyone in the grand scheme of things.

That said, I do believe I have some faults of my own and I don’t think it’s embarrassing to admit at all. There are times when I have been greedy, selfish, and even downright angry at another human being. But all of these negative traits is a reflection of my biggest negative trait: my impatience. It is something I have been trying to improve over the past few years. I acknowledge that I rush into things quite often, in order to get it done, and when I am told it has to be re-done, I get anxious. There have been times where I verbally yelled at innocent phone operators when they are assisting me on a technical issue and trying to speed them up, in a very rude fashion. I have also left behind a group of girls I was traveling with in Florence and ran away from them because I didn’t have the patience of  listening to them when it came to directions and was too stubborn in thinking I was right, that I risked their safety.

Yes, my impatience has been a huge issue that has took years off of my life because I haven’t yet reached the point of living in the moment. But the acknowledgement of what I need to work on is a huge hurdle that most people with flaws sometimes can not overcome, so I am grateful I have achieved that goal. Slowly and surely, I will be one of the most patient people you will ever meet.


Initially I was too impatient to proofread my post because I wanted to post this immediately but then I became mindful of not proofreading and proceeded to do it.