Twenty Fourteen

by mybiggestphan

Obviously I am a little bit late to the game. 13 days late. Happy New Years to all my friends and family, readers and thinkers alike. 2013 was a wonderful year in terms of getting my priorities straight and really re-evaluating what I want in life. I feel like I have a stronger sense of who I am but there is still so much to work on.  I found a record of some of my 2013 goals and here is my post reflecting on my progress on it.

1. Become more patient
This definitely has improved significantly over the year. There’s still a lot of work to be done in this department but my meditation has helped me to become more mindful when I notice myself getting antsy or when things are not done in a timely manner. I still have moments here and there where I am out of control and get really upset because of my lack of patience but overall, I’ve been so much happier that this has been worked on.

Status: Will continue to work on in 2014

2. Do more yoga and meditation
I started out doing yoga strong in the beginning of the year but because it was too sporadic, I didn’t maintain doing it as often as I would have like. This is something I still want to take on more of and will continue to find classes and events in order for me to partake in. Meditation however has been my strong suit. Although I do not do it for a long period of time, I’ve made it a habit to routinely meditate every day, every waking morning. I tend to do it for 5 minutes and have noticed my day just is so different if I commit to it. This is definitely a lifelong habit.

Status: Will participate in more yoga classes and meditate for a longer period of time per session.

3. Run a half-marathon by November/Achieve a six pack
Half marathon check! Will be running a marathon in March, the LA Marathon. This was a great personal goal that I am so happy I accomplished. The six pack is still in the works but is on hold while I focus more on the running in my life. Currently I have so much athletic things going on that it’s been stressful trying to balance EVERYthing that I want to do.

Status: Half marathon complete. Still working on six pack.

Those were some of my main goals but I wish I had a better list for you all, in a more succinct fashion. That said, here are my upcoming goals for 2014:

-Finish my first marathon
-Achieve a six pack
-Improve my flexibility
-Make Rock Climbing a Hobby
-Transition to a Vegetarian diety

-Earn my teaching credential
-Apply to CSUN Northridge: Masters Program in Education
-Finish reading 5 books
-Start on journey of earning a passive source of income

-Get credit card debt below my target amount of $2000
-Pay off all health bills

-Travel to one foreign country
-Go on a few dates, taking initiative and become approachable.
-Perform first stand-up routine
-Become a more confident speaker by going to Toastmasters and improving public speaking abilities

Woooo…this is a huge list but I have faith that I will be able to work on all of this and be proud of my accomplishments at the end of 2014. Looking forward to a great year!