The Force Is Strong…

by mybiggestphan

Okay, here’s the update in regards to me giving up porn for Lent. It’s been 27 days now and I have 19 days left I think. Let me begin by saying that although I verbally said I was giving up porn, I decided to give up on any form of sexual release as an added challenge, meaning no masturbation or orgasm. I wanted to see what my body could handle and how it felt mentally with the adaptation.

The first three weeks was surprisingly easy. I did not have any urges at all and I thought the challenge was going to be quite a breeze. These last few days however has been torture…to say the least. I found myself almost giving in to temptation consistently. There are so many attractive people around and I long for a connection to happen that would lead to an exciting scenario in the bedroom. But alas, I forced myself to change mindset as soon as I have stimulating thoughts. It’s still been a challenge this week but slowly I have been able to get my mind back on track to what it was like for the first three weeks.

I definitely feel like porn is not the challenge at all. I can probably live my life without having to see another video just because its so easily accessible. I would say that not being able to free myself of urges is the toughest thing to handle since it is such a natural thing for men and women to do. We live in a very sexually invigorated society and I think its extremely healthy for people to explore their sexuality in any means they prefer. But to withhold that desire can be really challenging for many and I am surprised at myself for being able to go through with this. There has been close-calls where I did end up engaged in sexual acts but ended up leaving before I lost my challenge, so to speak.

With about three weeks left, I do find myself thinking it’ll be the longest three weeks of my life. It’s funny because during week 3, I thought about pushing my limit to 80 days and even though I know I could do it, would I? I’m interested to see how I would reap the benefits only because I do feel that because I started watching porn at a young age, it really has affected my ability to connect in the bedroom. I’m intrigued to see if things would become more exciting after that length in time or if it will remain the same as ever before.

Nonetheless, I think this challenge has been very eye opening and I encourage everyone to be comfortable speaking freely about their life. There are so many taboo things in this world and things that are not discussed that it’s hard for many to open up about themselves. Luckily for me, throughout the past few years, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and talking about my feelings, my thoughts, my negative and positive qualities, and just being a human has encouraged me to convince others to talk freely as well. So speak up and say what your challenges are in your life and how are you trying to improve yourself!