One of the Most Wonderful Feelings in the World

by mybiggestphan

There are a lot of emotions that we experience during our lifetime. There are those that make us angry and filled with rage. There are the emotions that make us feel sad and tearful. And then there are those that overwhelm us with joy and enthusiasm. All of these emotions come and go and we experience them at different stages in our lives. But I  am here to tell you of my own personal favorite feeling in the world and the one that I crave for so much and wish I had constantly; the feeling of being inspired.

Let me tell you a little bit about this feeling. If you have ever felt it, it is the sudden rush of wanting to do something that you feel passionate about. It is a level of excitement within you that causes you to drop whatever errands you have planned and just focus on what you are passionate about in that very moment. It is the feeling of adrenaline as you write and write and write, or read and read and read, whatever it is you have. You can’t stop and you continue to get one task done after the other and you still have that energy to do more, until your to do list is all gone. And then after you finish everything you had planned and are satisfied with the creative work in front of you, you sit back and are just amazed as to what you have accomplished in such a short time span. This is the feeling of inspiration and drive that I want to be constant in my life.

But of course, I don’t have this in my life all the time. There are days when I wake up and my mind just seems so foggy and I am so sluggish and I become so lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a passionate person as well as have a lot of ambitions but I fall victim to what many of us experience so often, procrastination and laziness. I do my best to search for that inkling of inspiration that I know that I have inside me but sometimes it does not come out. I would read books and listen to audio motivational tapes to trigger that rush and although it works at times, at other times it does not.

Do you know of techniques or ways to get you motivated to get things done? What are your methods? Do you listen to books on tape, music, or watch inspirational videos on YouTube? I would love to hear about your various ways and test them out when I am feeling unmoved.

One of my career aspirations is to instill this emotion in people as often as I can. I want to get people to keep on moving and not be so darn lazy. I want to see my readers and the public pursue their passion and be excited about their lives. And I want it to be constant. Not just a one-time thing to have this fleeting moment of inspiration, but something that can last the whole day, the next few days, the next, or perhaps the month or year. I want to find a fool-proof of getting others engaged and be happy with who they are. This wonderful feeling, for those of you who have felt it, is an amazing experience and I want it to last forever.