by mybiggestphan

As many of you know, I work in the television and TV industry, primarily talk shows. I think it’s a great genre but it can get very stressful. There are many different aspects to the show that people outside of the industry do not realize that we have take into account. It’s a lot of balancing different duties and tasks into producing a show. For me, I’ve been more involved in the logistical aspects of the show and making sure it goes smoothly. However I wanted to know, when should you tell people to stop giving you more responsibilities.

I’m currently work on a TV show pilot that has a really positive vibe and energy. People are friendly, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. When I was brought onto the project, I was given a basic role and did not expect a lot of responsibilities. However as it turns out, they have been giving me more responsibilities and duties, even in roles I never occupied before, in order to make this test show run smoothly. I have to say it’s getting to the point where I’m a bit nervous but still confident I can get things done. The thing is, I am pretty smart and aware of everyone’s necessities. People tend to focus only on their own aspect of the show whereas I have the grand scheme of things in my head pretty organized. However a lot of my job is dependent on final decisions being made and the later it is made, the more difficult it becomes for me and my coordination. My fear is that with all of these responsibilities, if something falls through, due to time constraints, people will look at me and place blame.

I don’t want to give the impression I can’t handle it all. I can and will but its a matter of, when should I start putting pressure on producers to make their final decisions. Also, if someone comes up to me with more additional tasks, how do I kindly turn them down given all the responsibilities I’ve already been given. Luckily I am in good spirits and the work environment is pretty enjoyable to be a part of so it hasn’t been disheartenening or depressing. It’s more of the type of pressure where I do not want anyone to be let down and thus doing all I can to ensure that doesn’t happen.