100 Things I Am Grateful For

I am currently on Day 231 of Jason Harvey’s book Achieve Everything in Just One Year. It is a book separated by days and on each day, the reader is supposed to do a task that Jason lays out. I wouldn’t say it is the best book I have ever read but being able to read a motivational book daily and to do what is assigned, really teaches me to stick to something for a long time. Since I am on Day 231, I am more than halfway there and so there is no point in stopping now.

Day 231 asks the readers to write a list of 100 things they are grateful for. As you may very well expect, I’m in a section where gratitude is a topic that Jason feels that everyone should learn to embrace. I whole heartedly agree with him and feel this day deserves a section on my blog! And plus, I didn’t want to use up 4-5 pages in my notebook with the list. That said, I encourage everyone to list everything they are grateful for, and even though it may not be easy thinking of 100 items, it’s just really nice to challenge yourself and think about all that you have.

So here it goes. 100 Things I am Grateful For:

1. Being alive
2. Having a family
3. My parents and sisters all care for me through thick and thin.
4. I have amazing friends all around the world.
5. I have a job
6. I can read
7. I can write
8. I live in an apartment
9. I have the means to buy food.
10. I can taste food
11. I can see
12. I can smell
13. I still maintain my sense of touch.
14. I have not lost all my hearing.
15. I am physically active
16. I can smile
17. I love the drive that life has given me
18. I live in a peaceful environment
19. I feel safe
20. I can call my parents and talk to them on my phone.
21. I have a cell phone
22. I can watch TV in the comforts of my home.
23. I’m able to access the internet from home
24. People are kind to me.
25. I don’t feel discriminated against on a daily basis.
26. I’m able to pursue my dreams.
27. I ‘m able to learn from my failures.
28. I have freedom
29. Independence
30. I can think
31. I am healthy
32. I don’t have a life threatening illness
33. People respect me.
34. I know I can change the world
35. I can buy clothes
36. I’m wearing clothes
37. I’m able to accomplish my dreams
38. I can talk
39. People understand what I’m saying.
40. I can make people smile
41. I know how to use humor appropriately
42. I know how to be confident
43. I can ride a bicycle
44. I have a car
45. I know how to drive a car
46. I have traveled overseas
47. I have the means to be able to travel the world
48. I can cook in my kitchen
49. I can get groceries from a supermarket down the street
50. I can buy takeout when I’m too lazy to cook.
51. All my immediate family members are alive
52. I’ve been fortunate to not lose anyone extremely close to me
53. I’m able to use a computer
54. I know how to access information when I need it
55. I have the opportunity to have kids if I so desire
56. I’m able to love
57. I am able to overcome my obstacles
58. I can make my dad laugh
59. I can make my mom laugh
60. I have all of my fingers
61. I have all of my toes
62. I am not physically handicapped
63. I do not have any mental disorders
64. I am able to blink
65. I can come up with creative ideas
66. I have health insurance
67. I’m able to have access to some of the best medical technology.
68. I’m able to heal when I’m injured
69. I graduated college
70. I graduated high school
71. I graduated elementary school
72. I can go to more schooling if I so desired
73. I am intelligent
74. I was the first in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree
75. I have the opportunity to start a business if I want
76. I am ambitious
77. I have not gotten in trouble with the law
78. I have been able to rebound from my mistakes
79. I own a blog
80. I can enjoy most food and can drink pretty much anything
81. I have access to dodgeball
82. I am involved in the dodgeball community
83. I have won championships playing a game I love
84. I ran a marathon
85. I achieved goals in my life
86. I’m able to practice meditation
87. I know the importance of gratitude
88. I can play video games in the comfort of my home
89. I have been able to get influenced by many stories in my childhood
90. Filmmaking is part of my life
91. I have friends who I can call best friends and are there to support me when I need.
92. I’ve been to multiple states in the US
93. I know how to have fun
94. I’m able to challenge myself
95. I am not overwhelmed by extreme issues in my life.
96. People love me for who I am
97. I am able to breathe
98. I know how to swim
99. Life teaches me something new everyday
100. I am grounded in my life and know the importance of being grateful for everything I have and will continue to carry this mindset.

Writing this list was very challenging and at times, I do feel like I repeated myself or phrased things differently, over and over. In the end, I feel like what matters is that as readers, and as someone living on this planet, is to be constantly self-aware of all that you have during your hard times and struggles. It makes things much better if you are able to put things in a more positive perspective.