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Decompressing After Hard Work

After being on the road for twenty days for a project, I find myself having difficulties readjusting to my routines and life back in Los Angeles. I know the value of decompressing after a strenuous period of time but did not realize how hard it would be to simply relax.

The project I was on, Wayfaring, allowed me to travel cross country with a former contestant of Survivor as he experienced a new environment and adventure every single day. As part of the project, I lived in close quarters with twelve other crew members and had obligations such as staying up with the editor to finish the day’s project and to schedule out the day’s itinerary. In the grand scheme of things, traveling twenty days across America on a project, doesn’t compare to other stories I have heard. I have heard of stories where ordinary citizens were living in isolated communities for years and other traveling road shows who have been on the road for longer than we have. But even though their circumstances and situation may be a bit more extreme and perhaps more lengthy than my own, I am witness that culture shock and the difficulty to decompress can affect everyone.

When I returned from my trip, I found myself still moving at a rapid pace, similar to what I was doing when I was on the trip. I felt this pressure for some reason to tie up loose ends in my personal and business life and did not seem to take the time to enjoy the fact that I was back in my bed. This eventually caught up to me sat of last night, as I found myself breaking down a little, not necessarily emotionally but mentally. I found myself lost, annoyed, frustrated that I was as disorganized and disheveled and other characteristics that was not like me. It took me a while during the night but I found myself accepting that it is okay to feel lost and to take things gradually. As I am typing away this morning and slowly getting back into my normal routine, I find myself infinitely much better than I had felt in prior days.

For those of us who have been traveling or been working in a lot of extreme circumstances, I’m here to tell you it is alright to struggle with decompressing after you are finished with your project or adventure. It will take a few moments to re-fuel your fire and to re-assess your life once more. It will take a lot of time and focus to get things back to normal. But use this time to invest in yourself and learn to relax and enjoy life. Don’t worry about falling behind, like I did, and just let things that are worrying you, fall to your waist side and get that pressure off of yourself. The fact that you had just completed a task or adventure is proof enough that you accomplished sometimes and you need to take a moment to reward not only yourself but your mental being as well.

The Start of Wayfaring

Hi everyone!!

I started my own production company called Artistic Division (www.artisticdivision) that will focus on creating feel-good web content and just fun visual art. Our first project is called Wayfaring. See below 🙂

Wayfaring is an online road trip show that follows the antics of Malcolm Freberg, a former contestant on Survivor, as he experiences different adventures in his travels. Along with a group of 12 crew members, his life will be documented and his wit will be put to the test. Wayfaring is meant to be a fun interactive show that combines social media and a full television crew as they face the hardships of travel and learn how to deal with stresses as a team.

Artistic Division has agreed to come aboard the project as a collaborative partner with Pink Guerrilla Productions. We have provided members to the Wayfaring team to help assist with the logistical and creative aspects of the project and to provide a fun visual experience to our audience. We are beyond stoked to be part of such a wonderful group of people and over the next 20 days, we will provide our day to day experience and involve our audience as much as possible.

Check out their website/kickstarter for more information.


Our experiences for Day 0 start tonight.

Be on the lookout for the opening of the poll later today!

What I’m Giving Up for Lent

Let me preface by saying I was not raised a Catholic. But over the past few years, I’ve been interested in the religion and the messages that it has brought. I would be considered a non-practicing Buddhist, going to temples from time to time and I find the spirituality of Buddhism refreshing. The teachings of Catholicism however has been really inspiring and I’m on a journey to seek out more information about the faith and their practices, partaking in many of the things that Catholics do.

One of these things is Lent. I have never sacrificed anything for a long period of time before and I find it mesmerizing that so many people during this time period are willing to give up something in the name of religion. It’s truly remarkable that one’s faith can surpass one’s addiction, habits, and routine behaviors. That said, this year, I want to give up something as well and it’s a little bit embarrassing to admit what it is. In fact, I don’t even know if its professional to write and/or admit this. My interpretation of lent is that you are supposed to give up something that is really difficult for you give up and that it teaches you to control your urges, your desires, all in the name for what Jesus himself has sacrificed.

I’ll begin by saying that I believe in the notion that men and women has urges, desires, and they needs different ways to release those urges. What I’m giving up is something that stimulates my urges and desires and is a medium I use, let’s say, to assist me. I’m talking about pornography. There’s a lot of taboo that surrounds this visual art and it’s something a lot of people do not feel comfortable talking about. My personal take on it is, what you watch and do in your private household, should be yours and yours alone (granted that it is legal). I don’t think there is anything wrong with men or women watching pornography and using that as a way to enhance their sex life. To a degree, I find it quite informative in terms of building sexual knowledge and allowing for more fun in the bedroom. However the issue with pornography lies in the fact that so many people rely on it too heavily and this results in a lack of intimacy between partners or may even create sexual frustration in those who don’t have sex as often. In addition, pornography provides a false reality to its observers and in effect can create envy, jealousy, and even perhaps a sense of inadequacy.

I admit that from time to time I have experienced all of these emotions and fault pornography. But is it really pornography’s fault or is it because an individual’s self esteem isn’t strong enough? I think everyone should be confident and proud of who they are and happy about their life and everything will fall in place as a result. However, I think watching pornography consistently derails people’s ability to think in a positive manner and that is why, like everything else in life, be seen or taken in moderation. That said, I want to give up pornography during this period of Lent, not only to experience the personal sense of sacrifice I am making for a religion, but to also see the impact it could have on my self esteem, behavior, sexuality, and in general, life.

Daily Prompt – Living in a Castle

Date: 7/15/13
Prompt: Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

Answer: I lived in a castle. That’s right, a castle. Not many people can say they have done such a thing but I am proud to say that I have. And ironically, although I lived in a castle, I lived in the slave quarters of this run-down castle in the town of Well, Netherlands. And it was during these three months from September 2007 – December 2007 that I realized that I am very far from home.

Okay, let me backtrack slightly. If we are talking about the farthest I ever been from home for a couple of days or so then it would have to be with Prague in the Czech Republic. But during my sophomore year of college, during my Fall Semester, I entered my college’s study abroad program at Emerson College. In this program, the students were required to live in a castle that the college owned and that was where we had our studies. We lived there for three months and got to enjoy the Dutch community and culture. During my time there I was able to travel throughout Europe, backpacking through several foreign cities, some with friends and some by myself. It was an experience so surreal and I want to go again.

To be honest though, when I was at the program, I got homesick after a couple of weeks. I missed my family and just the American culture. And even though the drinking age was lower, I was very reserved in how I conducted myself. I didn’t drink at all during my time there and didn’t do anything risky; no drugs, no sex, anything. Is it sleazy for me to say that if I were to go back to Europe, I’d like to put myself out there more frequently? Be more adventurous and more loose in things that I do. My personal thought is that an American going to Europe can be such a liberating experience and one of self-discovery and I’m not sure if I did do that at all.

There was culture shock definitely based on the way people lived over in the small towns. I found it quite peaceful and welcoming. There seemed to be a lack of stress and people were very friendly no matter where I was. It seems like everyone lived life to have fun and to not worry about tomorrow and lived for today. Now that I’m writing this blog, I really am contemplating about where my life is currently at and how little I have enjoyed the freedom and beauty of life. Reminiscing my experiences at Kasteel Well reminds me that I have a whole world to explore and that I need to venture out more. I’m going to try to make this happen in the next few years. Let’s do it!

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