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Today, I do not want to write. But here I am. Writing. It feels forced and I should be fine with it. But I’m not. Is this what goes through the minds of writers when the encounter writer’s block? My procrastination and laziness overwhelms me at this very moment and I feel tense about putting every single word down. I like to come into writing mode with a sense of direction of where I am going but today, I am writing on a whim.

As I usually do for most of my writing sessions, I set a timer for how long I should or need to write for to meet my minimum requirement for the day. Today has been set for thirty minutes because frankly, I’d go crazy if I did an hour like I normally would. Is this consider torture what I am doing to myself or am I teaching myself a valuable lesson; to persist even when you don’t want to.

I’ve been reading a book called On Writing Well by William Zinsser and he says that consistency and regular routine in writing is important to becoming a great writer. With practice, concentration and determination every single day, it will enhance the abilities of the writer to churn out good prose and overall skill. I’m still only 20 pages into the book so I don’t know how much I am taking in but Zinsser’s book is doing its best to keep me energized throughout my writing career. In fact, since starting this short post, I’ve glanced over at it multiple times to avoid giving in to laziness.

Have you been stuck in writing dilemma such as myself in the past? What are your ways of overcoming your mentality? Does it get to the point of frustration where all you would like to do is sit down and cry the night away? Okay, I am exagerrating quite a bit and writing can not be compared to mental insanity but still, it does take a toll on your mind.

If I were to describe my brain and mentality, it feels clogged. There is a sense of stuffiness in my head now. I am not sure if it can be contributed to not knowing what the heck I am doing or if it is the stress I am under. It’s a lightheaded sensation that I am grateful I am getting to experience but it is not welcoming.

I am using this post as a way to tighten up my writing. Zinsser says we need to rid ourselves of unneccessary fluff words and get straight to the point. We often rely on words we do not need. In this last sentence, I deliberately put in “often” but the sentence would still be effective if got rid of it. This is a problem I tend to have in my writing as I’d like to expand on my sentences and think the longer the better. In actuality, I just make a fool of myself and use unnecessary vocabulary.

I’m nearing the end of my train of thought and my random ramblings seem to discourage me slightly. But the truth is, with five and a half minutes left on my timer, I am glad that I set out to write this piece. It’s not my greatest work on display but I hope it demonstrates to my audience how I feel as a writer from time to time. There is a degree of aggravation that comes with writing. You honestly just have to go with the flow and see how you can perservere from it. Writing adventures can be tricky and overwhelming but if you want to be in it for the long haul, embrace it as much as you can.

Decompressing After Hard Work

After being on the road for twenty days for a project, I find myself having difficulties readjusting to my routines and life back in Los Angeles. I know the value of decompressing after a strenuous period of time but did not realize how hard it would be to simply relax.

The project I was on, Wayfaring, allowed me to travel cross country with a former contestant of Survivor as he experienced a new environment and adventure every single day. As part of the project, I lived in close quarters with twelve other crew members and had obligations such as staying up with the editor to finish the day’s project and to schedule out the day’s itinerary. In the grand scheme of things, traveling twenty days across America on a project, doesn’t compare to other stories I have heard. I have heard of stories where ordinary citizens were living in isolated communities for years and other traveling road shows who have been on the road for longer than we have. But even though their circumstances and situation may be a bit more extreme and perhaps more lengthy than my own, I am witness that culture shock and the difficulty to decompress can affect everyone.

When I returned from my trip, I found myself still moving at a rapid pace, similar to what I was doing when I was on the trip. I felt this pressure for some reason to tie up loose ends in my personal and business life and did not seem to take the time to enjoy the fact that I was back in my bed. This eventually caught up to me sat of last night, as I found myself breaking down a little, not necessarily emotionally but mentally. I found myself lost, annoyed, frustrated that I was as disorganized and disheveled and other characteristics that was not like me. It took me a while during the night but I found myself accepting that it is okay to feel lost and to take things gradually. As I am typing away this morning and slowly getting back into my normal routine, I find myself infinitely much better than I had felt in prior days.

For those of us who have been traveling or been working in a lot of extreme circumstances, I’m here to tell you it is alright to struggle with decompressing after you are finished with your project or adventure. It will take a few moments to re-fuel your fire and to re-assess your life once more. It will take a lot of time and focus to get things back to normal. But use this time to invest in yourself and learn to relax and enjoy life. Don’t worry about falling behind, like I did, and just let things that are worrying you, fall to your waist side and get that pressure off of yourself. The fact that you had just completed a task or adventure is proof enough that you accomplished sometimes and you need to take a moment to reward not only yourself but your mental being as well.

The Start of Wayfaring

Hi everyone!!

I started my own production company called Artistic Division (www.artisticdivision) that will focus on creating feel-good web content and just fun visual art. Our first project is called Wayfaring. See below 🙂

Wayfaring is an online road trip show that follows the antics of Malcolm Freberg, a former contestant on Survivor, as he experiences different adventures in his travels. Along with a group of 12 crew members, his life will be documented and his wit will be put to the test. Wayfaring is meant to be a fun interactive show that combines social media and a full television crew as they face the hardships of travel and learn how to deal with stresses as a team.

Artistic Division has agreed to come aboard the project as a collaborative partner with Pink Guerrilla Productions. We have provided members to the Wayfaring team to help assist with the logistical and creative aspects of the project and to provide a fun visual experience to our audience. We are beyond stoked to be part of such a wonderful group of people and over the next 20 days, we will provide our day to day experience and involve our audience as much as possible.

Check out their website/kickstarter for more information.


Our experiences for Day 0 start tonight.

Be on the lookout for the opening of the poll later today!

A Letter to Myself in 5 Years

I was going about my daily routine of reading blogs from different writers on the web and I stumbled upon Celestine Chua’s Post on LifeHacker

(42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself).

Most of the practices that she mentions are things that I do on a regular basis and all of which I wholeheartedly agree. But one of the things she listed was to Write a Letter to your future self and I found that to be such a grand idea. I wish I had letters from my life a couple years ago and see where my mindset was at the time and how it compared to now. Who I was 5 years ago is completely different from the life I live now and I wish that I had some record of it. That said, I went about writing the letter and found it a valuable experience and encourage all of my readers to do the same.

I’m not going to write about the specific contents of that letter but goals, dreams, and advice to my future self played a huge role. I hope that when I open the letter in June of 2019, I will have accomplished all of my main goals that I had laid out in the letter. I will mail the letter out via USPS to my business address and have it kept there until a couple years down the road. I can’t wait to see my progress. Here’s a picture of me with the drafted letter. Take part and in the challenge and see where it takes you!


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