Goals…What Are They Again???

My mind is constantly all over the place. I’m ambitious one moment, the next minute I get lazy. I want to accomplish something rather quickly at one point, then in an instant, I give up.
But my goals are generally the same but I never seem to really get them down on paper so I figure writing for the general public, for all to see, is a way to keep me in some sort of check.

Long-term goal:

*Start a family with 2-3 kids in a respectable neighborhood and retiring by 65.
*Establish a long-lasting and meaningful company/organization that gives back to the community in some way (charity, medical research)

Career Goals:

*Be a show runner / executive producer of a sketch comedy show/talk show or variety show
*Become a respected teacher (start teaching either in my 20s or start in my mid 40s)

Short Term Goals:

*Pay off all my credit card debt before I’m 27
*Run a marathon
*Learn to play the guitar
*Learn to do comedy/improv
*Work on Survivor in some capacity in the future.

Now it’s simply to figure out how the best way to achieve these goals. I’m currently en route to my career goal of being a show runner but I need to switch gears a little bit to get more perspective. I’ve only worked in production thus far and need to get onto the creative side of the industry before its too late.