1/2 A Teaspoon…not Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper

I though I’d give trying the master cleanse once more a try. I’ve been having a lack of energy at work and thought that it was all the toxins in my body. So Thursday night, I went out to buy the ingredients for the master cleanse. Organic lemons…check. Distilled water…check. Grade A maple syrup? – surprisingly was hard to find. I remembered then that I had agave syrup back in my cupboard and so I resisted buying it as well as cayenne pepper. I rang a total of $15 (including a new razor to shave with).

So I got home, ordered my last Chinese food for 5 days and gorged on it. I told myself I was going to do the cleanse for 5-6 days until the upcoming Thursday.

This morning I woke up late and attempted to make the cleanse. I would prepare for a day’s serving so I followed the recipe for that. However…I misread cayenne pepper as a tablespoon…and when I made the concoction, the drink was too spicy. Also, I couldn’t squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. That was annoying.

I got to work…and gave up after an hour haha.

Luckily I only lost $5 or so to attempt this cleanse ;-). Let’s just eat healthy.