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The Self Starter Guide

What!?! Another website? Another blog? You betcha.

I don’t want to inundate you with countless websites to keep track of but as I said in my previous blog post, I decided to form a new project. It is called the Self Starter Guide and is meant to motivate my readers and to get them to start working on their own projects!

I read a lot of personal development blogs and found that they are so useful in getting me grounded in life. There are so many times when I feel like I am failing and these blogs help reaffirm that I am, like many others, just learning about life as I move along. I want to be an inspiration and source of motivation for others as well and thus the Self Starter Guide was born.

That blog will be updated much more frequently that this one was. There will be three blog posts a week and I know that this will need a lot of my dedication and time. I am more than willing to put myself out there and provide as much experience as I can.

I ask that my readers who have been following me here the past year and half, migrate over to the new page. I’m going to use this blog as a personal blog and will post every so often but the bulk of my content will be on the Self Starter Guide.

Check it out and thank you so much for being so dedicated!



Today, I do not want to write. But here I am. Writing. It feels forced and I should be fine with it. But I’m not. Is this what goes through the minds of writers when the encounter writer’s block? My procrastination and laziness overwhelms me at this very moment and I feel tense about putting every single word down. I like to come into writing mode with a sense of direction of where I am going but today, I am writing on a whim.

As I usually do for most of my writing sessions, I set a timer for how long I should or need to write for to meet my minimum requirement for the day. Today has been set for thirty minutes because frankly, I’d go crazy if I did an hour like I normally would. Is this consider torture what I am doing to myself or am I teaching myself a valuable lesson; to persist even when you don’t want to.

I’ve been reading a book called On Writing Well by William Zinsser and he says that consistency and regular routine in writing is important to becoming a great writer. With practice, concentration and determination every single day, it will enhance the abilities of the writer to churn out good prose and overall skill. I’m still only 20 pages into the book so I don’t know how much I am taking in but Zinsser’s book is doing its best to keep me energized throughout my writing career. In fact, since starting this short post, I’ve glanced over at it multiple times to avoid giving in to laziness.

Have you been stuck in writing dilemma such as myself in the past? What are your ways of overcoming your mentality? Does it get to the point of frustration where all you would like to do is sit down and cry the night away? Okay, I am exagerrating quite a bit and writing can not be compared to mental insanity but still, it does take a toll on your mind.

If I were to describe my brain and mentality, it feels clogged. There is a sense of stuffiness in my head now. I am not sure if it can be contributed to not knowing what the heck I am doing or if it is the stress I am under. It’s a lightheaded sensation that I am grateful I am getting to experience but it is not welcoming.

I am using this post as a way to tighten up my writing. Zinsser says we need to rid ourselves of unneccessary fluff words and get straight to the point. We often rely on words we do not need. In this last sentence, I deliberately put in “often” but the sentence would still be effective if got rid of it. This is a problem I tend to have in my writing as I’d like to expand on my sentences and think the longer the better. In actuality, I just make a fool of myself and use unnecessary vocabulary.

I’m nearing the end of my train of thought and my random ramblings seem to discourage me slightly. But the truth is, with five and a half minutes left on my timer, I am glad that I set out to write this piece. It’s not my greatest work on display but I hope it demonstrates to my audience how I feel as a writer from time to time. There is a degree of aggravation that comes with writing. You honestly just have to go with the flow and see how you can perservere from it. Writing adventures can be tricky and overwhelming but if you want to be in it for the long haul, embrace it as much as you can.

Do Something Ballsy

I have to say, compared to most years in my life, this one has been the one filled with the most surprises for me, especially when it comes to ballsy and risky moves. For example, in January, I chose to go back to school to become a teacher, reversed my frame of mind within a couple of months and elected to form a start-up business instead. From April to my current state, I invested about $6-7k on my credit card to get my company started and yet, there is not a single linger of regret in my body. I wrote openly in my blog about very personal matters, ranging from pornography to suicide and didn’t feel ashamed about writing about such topics. And even though injuries in March, which I am still recovering from, has hurt my soul and threw a huge obstacle in my path, I found that I have continued to prosper and still maintained my positivity throughout it all. This all happened within the course of six months and you see, troubles still lie ahead for me but I want this to be a reflection for my readers that it is truly okay to do really ballsy stuff in your life and encounter different issues along the way, yet one thing you must not let go is your sense of happiness and positive energy.

People keep reminding me about how they cannot dare to dream and take risks because of the lack of time they have on their hands or their position. They are overwhelmed with managing their family, balancing their school course load, or have been significantly injured. I believe these are all excuses that we make up in our mind. Although legitimately these are issues that can disrupt the balance in our lives, we have to make sure that we do not let these responsibilities and situations define us. As I have discovered this year, adjusting to your current state of being and mindset is fundamental to one’s growth. If you dream of something, and it should be big, you should go after it. I truly do not understand the ones who live their lives and are complacent in letting their aspirations pass them by. I’m not sure the reason why we are placed on this Earth but I know it is not just to sit back and simply relax. I think it is all about finding happiness and attaining that one dream that you have envisioned and doing all you can to go after it. And so when people mention they have all these conflicts that come up, I like to tell them that those conflicts are all in their head and that it won’t matter in the long run.

What is there to lose when you start to do something ballsy, something that you never expected to ever do in your life? When I wrote about my addictions, I found it as a way for me to open up about my internal conflicts. And you know what I found, people were receptive. They were inspired and encouraging. They offered support, advice, and yes there were some humorous critiques here and there, but the community as a whole showed me that if you take a leap of faith from time to time, you might get something unexpected in return. Without taking a risk, especially towards your dream, how do you know what will transpire as a result? I am always a believer in finding the truth in a question that I am pondering about and I just simply cannot sit still without finding such an answer.

So it’s about midway through the year and time is passing by very quickly. I can assure you that you will find much more good than bad if you take a chance in life and finally settle that internal question that you’ve always had burning inside of you. Rather than letting those flames of curiosity burn inside you, control it and use to ignite your passion and take you one step closer to your dreams.

One of the Most Wonderful Feelings in the World

There are a lot of emotions that we experience during our lifetime. There are those that make us angry and filled with rage. There are the emotions that make us feel sad and tearful. And then there are those that overwhelm us with joy and enthusiasm. All of these emotions come and go and we experience them at different stages in our lives. But I  am here to tell you of my own personal favorite feeling in the world and the one that I crave for so much and wish I had constantly; the feeling of being inspired.

Let me tell you a little bit about this feeling. If you have ever felt it, it is the sudden rush of wanting to do something that you feel passionate about. It is a level of excitement within you that causes you to drop whatever errands you have planned and just focus on what you are passionate about in that very moment. It is the feeling of adrenaline as you write and write and write, or read and read and read, whatever it is you have. You can’t stop and you continue to get one task done after the other and you still have that energy to do more, until your to do list is all gone. And then after you finish everything you had planned and are satisfied with the creative work in front of you, you sit back and are just amazed as to what you have accomplished in such a short time span. This is the feeling of inspiration and drive that I want to be constant in my life.

But of course, I don’t have this in my life all the time. There are days when I wake up and my mind just seems so foggy and I am so sluggish and I become so lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a passionate person as well as have a lot of ambitions but I fall victim to what many of us experience so often, procrastination and laziness. I do my best to search for that inkling of inspiration that I know that I have inside me but sometimes it does not come out. I would read books and listen to audio motivational tapes to trigger that rush and although it works at times, at other times it does not.

Do you know of techniques or ways to get you motivated to get things done? What are your methods? Do you listen to books on tape, music, or watch inspirational videos on YouTube? I would love to hear about your various ways and test them out when I am feeling unmoved.

One of my career aspirations is to instill this emotion in people as often as I can. I want to get people to keep on moving and not be so darn lazy. I want to see my readers and the public pursue their passion and be excited about their lives. And I want it to be constant. Not just a one-time thing to have this fleeting moment of inspiration, but something that can last the whole day, the next few days, the next, or perhaps the month or year. I want to find a fool-proof of getting others engaged and be happy with who they are. This wonderful feeling, for those of you who have felt it, is an amazing experience and I want it to last forever.

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