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Things I would tell my 20 year old self if I saw him

I’m a big proponent of  always moving forward and learn from your past mistakes. I think making mistakes is crucial in developing as a sensible citizen in our society. Mistakes make us strive for the better and can sometimes boost our drive to achieve our goals. I just recently turned 27 and there are a lot of things I would love to tell an early version of myself if I ever got to saw him.

1. START YOUR PRACTICE OF MEDITATION EARLY! – Meditation was always on my mind ever since I was in college. The thing is, I never made time for it. Meditation has had a big impact on my life because it allows me to train my mind to think in the moment and to be conscientious of everything and everyone around me. It allows me to learn how to be calm under stressful situation and it helps me become more motivated and focused on all of my tasks. Currently, I am still meditating for only a couple minutes a day and I feel like if I had instilled this practice earlier in life, I would be much better at the practice today and more calm than I could even imagine.

2. WAKE UP AT 5 AM NO MATTER WHAT – Yes. This is a harsh one for a college student but again it is another habit I would have loved to train when I was younger. Waking up at 5 AM allows for more productivity to happen. I’m more focused on my work and the goals I needed to get done that day. Although I feel like putting 5 AM call time on a college student is insane, I think that I would have reaped the benefits by up to this point. I still struggle with waking up early and not feeling rested but the days I do feel rested and woke up early, I find myself in such a fast paced and ambitious mindset and get a lot done.

3. BE MORE PROMISCUOUS – Okay, this one might be controversial only because it involves sex and the idea of using your body more. As a gay man, I found myself really isolated from the gay community when I was younger. Even though I came out when I was 18, it was not until I moved to Hollywood in my mid 20s that I found myself learning to interact with others who share the same sexual desires as I did. I also was a stickler in terms of sex and was not willing to give my virginity up to anyone just for the heck of it. Looking back, I think this is still a great rule to follow but I did have flirtatious experiences that could have led to a more intimate setting and I wish I took advantage of it. I think learning about yourself sexually is a very valuable experience for when you get older. Don’t care what people say about you and your life. Live how you want and if you are open about your sexuality then more power to you.

4. READ, READ, READ – GAHHHH I can’t stress this one enough. Even though I feel like I am someone who is on top of his game in terms of organizations and responsibilities and very dependable, I sometimes lack the communication skills necessary to succeed in the work environment. I find myself stumbling over words consistently and not interpreting e-mails in the correct manner. I find this has a lot to do with my reading skills, which I consider poor. I would tell my younger self to read for at least 30 minutes every single day in order to widen their vocabulary database and improve their writing skills. I think reading does an effective job of putting thoughts together and make it coherent. I feel like I would be a much better writer today if I had started reading more frequently in the past.

5. PUT ASIDE $50 EVERY WEEK – Yes..Savings. This is something I fail to do for most of my life. I always feel like I am in a bind but the more I have been saving these past few weeks, the more I realized that I base my budget on not having that $50 and I still am surviving. I think this is crucial because everyone should have a savings of some sort in their life and to be better off in the future. Fortunately for me I have not run into any severe difficulties but one can never predict what may happen. Especially for me working in the entertainment industry, you never know what will happen to you career wise so it’s best to be prepared.

Alas, these 5 tips are things I wish I can tell my younger self if I were to see him. I wonder what I would be like if I was more active in the above habits. Nonetheless, I can’t reiterate how important it is to think in the moment and forget what you could have done. Start instilling these habits now!!! We are still young and there is still so much more life in the future. By the time I hit age 34, I don’t want to see myself saying I wish I started these practices when I was 27!

My Daily Routine

Date: 8/28/13
Personal Prompt: What is my ideal morning routine/daily routine?

Answer: I’ve been making an effort a lot these past few years to develop a solid morning routine but unfortunately, after a couple of months of being on this routine, I fail. I don’t mind failing at all. I just do my best to pick myself right back up and try to work toward my goals. I’ve fallen off the wagon again but here’s hoping I can do the following:

*Wake up at 5AM every morning. I’ve been waking up at different times of the morning lately. It’s been off and on but it’s usually around 6:30 AM that I am awake. I feel like I need a little bit more time in my mornings to get things done.
*Meditate – I definitely want to meditate a lot more than I have been. Before, I used to be able to go for 15 minutes meditating. Nowadays it’s only 5 minutes but you know what, slowly but surely, right?!
*Exercise – This includes a combination of strength training and prepping for half marathon. Trying to build my six pack as well as gain that endurance.
*Reading – Would
So here is my schedule that I would like:

5:00 AM – Wake up from bed. Fold my blanket and make my bed. Drink a cup full of water. Get up and do a couple of light stretches. Go and wash my face.
MEDITATING – 5:15 AM – Meditate for 15 minutes. Clear my mind and get it ready for the day’s start.
5:30 AM – Make a cup of green tea/light breakfast. Compile my To-Do List for the day on my computer. Check e-mails/look at my budget.
READING – 5:40 AM – Read for 20 minutes while eating a light breakfast. (READING if time permits)
WRITING – 6:00 AM – Write 500-1000 words on anything or for about 30 minutes.
6:30 AM – Pack up my things and go to the gym at work.
YOGA/RUNNING – 7:00 AM – Arrive at work and either take a studio class and/or go for a jog in the Culver City neighborhood/yoga
CORE STRENGTH – 8:00 AM – Do strength/core workout for 45 minutes
8:45 AM – Breakfast
10:30 AM – Snack #1
12:30 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Snack #2
4:00 PM – Snack #3
7:00 PM – Dinner (Prepare next day’s lunch)
8:30 PM – Organize clothes for next day of work/gym clothes
READING – 10:00 PM – 30 minutes of reading
10:30 PM – Bed

Let’s try this again.

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