The Start of Wayfaring

by mybiggestphan

Hi everyone!!

I started my own production company called Artistic Division (www.artisticdivision) that will focus on creating feel-good web content and just fun visual art. Our first project is called Wayfaring. See below 🙂

Wayfaring is an online road trip show that follows the antics of Malcolm Freberg, a former contestant on Survivor, as he experiences different adventures in his travels. Along with a group of 12 crew members, his life will be documented and his wit will be put to the test. Wayfaring is meant to be a fun interactive show that combines social media and a full television crew as they face the hardships of travel and learn how to deal with stresses as a team.

Artistic Division has agreed to come aboard the project as a collaborative partner with Pink Guerrilla Productions. We have provided members to the Wayfaring team to help assist with the logistical and creative aspects of the project and to provide a fun visual experience to our audience. We are beyond stoked to be part of such a wonderful group of people and over the next 20 days, we will provide our day to day experience and involve our audience as much as possible.

Check out their website/kickstarter for more information.


Our experiences for Day 0 start tonight.

Be on the lookout for the opening of the poll later today!