Daily Prompt – Never…anymore


Date: 6/22
Prompt: If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Answer: Our daily prompt today asks us what word we should ban from our vocabulary that is for general usage. Initially there were a lot of cliche answers that came to my mind. Obviously I would love to ban all the derogatory comments/slurs that exist in lyrics and our society. Another word that comes to mind is the word impossible but I feel like that is over-done. I guess the word I would choose to ban…is never.

I’m guilty of this many times but when people say they would “never” do something, how can one possibly now what the future holds. It’s like you are asking yourself to possibly get contradicted later on in your lifetime. I’m a firm believer that people change over time and that what one thinks when they are younger changes may change when they are older and wiser. By banning the word, I feel as if people will give themselves a chance to try out new things and be more open-minded.