A Remarkable Ruling on 06.26.2013 – End of DOMA

Today is a historic day in our society. I’m not one to write about politics often because I fear I run the risk of appearing foolish for not understanding certain terminology and rhetoric. But what I do know today is that the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling.

It is a momentous ruling, especially for those in same sex marriages/relationships. The federal benefits that applies to all marriages will now legally be allowed to gay couples as well. I don’t know entirely what that means but I know that social media exploded with positive energy on my feed.

In addition to DOMA being struck down, there was a ruling regarding Proposition 8. It was a little bit more complicated to understand than the previous ruling but I think what it states is that it upheld a lower court ruling and that there was no reason why the topic should have been brought forward to the Supreme Court. Essentially, Prop 8 is no longer applicable in the state of California, thus allowing gay marriage in this wonderful state. I’ve been trying to read to get a clearer understanding of the ruling but in the end, as long as marriage is legal in this state, I’m content. Although a part of me would have loved for the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage for the entire nation, I understand their hesitancy because of it being such a divided issue. But with the topic being more relevant as the days progress, I’m positive that same-sex marriage will be allowed throughout the nation eventually.

I woke up today at 5:30 AM as per my usual schedule. I had a rowdy night drinking and only had 4 hours of sleep but I really was anxious to hear how the court would rule. I went to the SCOTUS blog and turned on my TV and listened to everything. When the ruling was announced, I did get teary eyed and had the sniffles. I love getting weepy during moment of joys and I just think it was just a very momentous occasion and justified.

Congratulations and let’s continue to work hard for a more welcoming and accepting society!