Daily Prompt – “All Humans Need Their Oil Changed”


Date: 6/19/13
Prompt: Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Answer: A tagline for myself…hmm. I always am on the quest to improve myself in some way. I’ve noticed as of late that I’ve been reading a lot of motivational books and blogs and ways to boost my mind and positivity all the time. It is as if I am not happy with myself so I have to find ways to make myself happy and control my thinking. I would say that the proper tagline for me would be “Even humans need their oil changed” Okay, it’s not the best tagline and it might not make the most sense to most but to me it does.

We take our cars out to get their oil change because we want to have it up and running and sustain a good amount of years on the road. I think the same thing applies with human beings. We are so hard on ourselves in this working world that we do not take the time to look after ourselves as we should be. We endure a lot of pain and miseries and get down on ourselves way too often. Sometimes it is a good idea to just sit back, relax, meditate, and enjoy the world as it is. For me, I’ve noticed that I stress out way too much and it’s getting to the point of ridiculous. I had gray hair before I turned 18 and I wake up worrying or feeling anxious. But I put myself back in that mindset to focus on on what really matters and what keeps me at bay and that there are way to enjoy life and the moment of anxiousness shall pass.

So yes, please get your oil changed and improve yourself and don’t be hard on yourself. I’m still learning and you should be too.