Daily Prompt – Kindness in a Meal


Date: 6/20/13
Prompt: Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

Answer: I strongly believe in the conception of karma. What you put out into this world, how you act, how you behave; think; react to other individuals will reflect and/or affect you in the future. That said, my fear of retaliation from the universe keeps me on my toes and I consciously am aware of trying to be kind in every situation I encounter.

Honestly, I’m sitting here grappling with the question because I’ve always been taught that if you perform an act of kindness, you keep it to yourself. Why let the world know and in this case, the internet, of what you have done? What is it that you are truly seeking; glory, bragging rights, a pat on the back? Initially I found the question ironic but after reading it again, I realized that my selfish mind immediately thought about how I was kind to others as opposed to how others was kind to me. I may as well explain it because it was something I was truly proud of.

My moment of kindness occurred when I was hungry for Mediterranean food. I wanted a falafel badly. Ever since moving to LA about 3-4 years ago, my friends have always openly discussed trying out Zankou Chicken. I always ignored it mainly because there was never a store close by or I wasn’t in the mood for it whenever I did cross it. However after work one night and on my way to the dodgeball court, I stopped by a newly built Zankou on Sunset. After getting out of my car, a homeless man approaches me and asks for money. I don’t know remember every detail that was going on in my head at that time but I clearly remember thinking about how my friends would refuse to give homeless people money, in fear of them buying drugs with it and that they offered to buy food instead. Without hesitation, I asked the homeless man if he was hungry and he said yes. I told him I would buy his dinner and brought him inside. I’m not going to lie and say I’m a saint because I did feel awkward about standing in line and trying to make small talk with someone I don’t really know very well. However we got to the register and he ordered his food, I paid for it separately, and he gave me his thanks and I acknowledged. It really did feel nice to help him out because he said I made his day. I kept it to myself for a day or so before telling my mom, who didn’t really comment on it. But it really does feel good telling you guys. Thanks for listening.